Happy Hour

Trattoria La Strada

Happy Hour 4-7pm

Available in the Bar

1/2 off well drinks, wine, draft beers and appetizers




Bruschetta Toscana  (Regular $6, Happy Hour $3)

Roma tomatoes, basil, shaved parmesan & garlic oil

Bruschetta Ricotta  (Regular $8, Happy Hour $4)

Ricotta, basil pesto & caramelized onion

Bruschetta Zola  (Regular $9, Happy Hour $5)

Sweet gorgonzola, fig marmalade & red wine poached pear


Carpaccio di Bue  (Regualr $13, Happy Hour $7)

Beef Carpaccio, avocado, arugula, shaved Parmesan and extra virgin olive oil

Fritto Misto  (Regular $15, Happy Hour $8)

Calamari & shrimp, deep fried and served with spicy marinara & lemon aioli

Cecci e Rapini  (Regualr $14, Happy Hour $7)

Fried chick pea fritters, broccoli rabe and pecorino crotonese

Polenta Board  (Regular $15, Happy Hour $7)

Herbed polenta, ricotta cheese, porcini mushroom sauce & arugula salad



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